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austin jewell
hydrated health coach


about Me

Austin is a Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach and Life Coach who specializes in helping men and women lose the weight for good, feel more confident in their body and boost energy levels so they can show up and kickass in life. Austin began his health journey in 2016 as a depressed alcoholic that had no purpose and was lost in life. Through Personal Development and learning Psychology, he learned how to take control of his mind and thoughts so he could start navigating in the direction he wanted to go. As he worked on his physical health, the new feeling he had, words couldn't describe. This was when Austin realized his passion for health and wellness and decided to further his education and become a Certified Health Coach. Austin wants others to know the feeling of good health, so he is on a mission to help others live to their fullest potential and have the good health to support them along the way.

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